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Aluminum packaging: foil


The use of aluminum foil in various fields of production and everyday life demonstrates its versatility and effectiveness as a packaging material.

Aluminum foil is especially popular in the food industry. It prevents the loss of taste and appearance of products when exposed to sunlight and is an ideal packaging for dairy products, confectionery, beverages and more. Foil is safe for products, containers, trays, lids and other packaging materials are made from it.

The laminated foil, which combines paper and foil, provides additional protection from moisture, which is ideal for packaging tea, sweets, butter, cottage cheese and ice cream.

Aluminum foil also demonstrates significant advantages in the field of transportation: saving resources and increasing efficiency by reducing the weight of the package.

Foil plays an important role in the pharmaceutical industry: its packaging protects medicines from external influences such as light, moisture, oxygen and microorganisms, which is extremely important to preserve their properties and effectiveness for a long time.

It is interesting to use aluminum foil in winemaking, where it is used to make corks. Such plugs protect the products from oxygen, which is critically important for preserving the quality and taste of the wine.

The production process

The foil consists of aluminum sheets, the thickness of which varies from 0.004 to 0.24 mm. The thinnest layer of foil is eight times thinner than a conventional banknote, but at the same time it reliably protects against light, moisture and microorganisms, which allows you to extend the shelf life of products packed in it for a year or more.

Foil production begins with rolling aluminum or its alloys under pressure between rotating shafts, after which the finished sheets are cut into rolls. Pure aluminum and alloys with the addition of iron, silicon, manganese and, if necessary, copper are mainly used to increase strength.

Due to its flexibility in processing, aluminum foil is used to create a variety of packaging solutions, including special coatings, printing and lamination.